Saturday, January 26, 2013

Print the Best Super Bowl XLVII Pool

In search of a Super Bowl office pool?  Can't find one to join?  Then start your own!  We've got a great printable pool for you.  We can't supply the participants, but we've got a pool that offers a little bit more than your garden variety 10x10 grid.

PDF Super Bowl XLVII Pool
What makes this Super Bowl pool so awesome?  For starters, It's got three additional ways to win beyond the standard four quarter contest.  The additional ways to win are termed; "First Blood", "First Seven" and "Final Score".  All three are explained on the sheet, but here is the official explanation.

FIRST BLOOD:  The first points scored in the game, e.g., a safety, field goal, or touchdown.  The "First Blood" excludes the extra point on a touchdown, i.e., the first "6" points on the scoreboard.  This is the first "2", "3" or "6" scored in the game.

FIRST SEVEN: The first touchdown AND extra point scored for a combined total of "7".  If the extra point is missed, muffed, etc., the prize in NOT awarded for that touchdown.  This is the first "7" scored.

FINAL SCORE:  The final score of the game.  This accounts for overtime.  If there is no overtime period, i.e., the game is decided in regulation, then the winner of the fourth quarter is also awarded this prize.

That's it, and here it is...

CLICK HERE for the .PDF Version

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