Thursday, August 11, 2011

Fantasy Football 2011 - Let the Games Begin!

Personalized Fantasy Football shirt
Personalized Fantasy Football
by sportswear
Okay, it's that time of year again.  We took a few years off from the fantasy football scene but we are now back.  This is how it works for us...

My husband has a team that he joins at work and then I secretly join in.  He plays the game from his heart.  Every player he picks has something to do with the Pittsburgh Steelers or has some kind of tie-in to the city.  Well, I'm a Steelers kinda girl born and raised in da' berg but give me break, I want to win the game.  So, our 2011 fantasy football season started something like this...

my husband - Want to join a fantasy football team?
me - Yep!  How much?
my husband - Only $100.
me - Okay, but since the economy is so bad I want to control 75% of picking the players.  I want to win the game.
my husband - Sure
(Note: He goes to the draft by himself)
me - Last time you said "Sure" you didn't follow my pick list.
my husband - I will this time.
me - I will meet you at the draft for the first few rounds.
my husband - Great *rolls eyes*
me - Okay, now we need a team name.

So, now he starts coming up with ridiculous names like Iron City Tap Dancers.  I start calling him names, berating him and telling him I feel like I'm partners with another girl.  We come close to getting a divorce and then it goes something like this...

me - I know the perfect name for YOUR team
my husband - What? *rolls eyes again*
me - Steel an Ass,  You have your Pittsburgh tie-in and it describes your team.  *laughs uncontrollably*
my husband - Perfect

So, since my daughter is going to be playing with us, we finally decided on the name 'Steel Scrappin'.  I will create the pick sheet, meet him at the draft, seem like I'm only there for food and drinks and then leave after the important rounds are over.  I think we might win this year.  No matter how we begin, we have a great time playing as a family.   I'm just very competitive.

Edit - Okay, so about an hour after I post this I get an email from my mother.  Apparently, my dad wants to talk to me about my picks.  It seems as though we just added another member to our team.  I guess that's alright.  After all he was an eye witness to the Immaculate Reception.  

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FANTASY FOOTBALL is serious! by Gigglesandgrin

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